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Resident Services

Respiratory Therapy

Our dedicated trach and vent unit has the ability to provide care for 44 trach patients and 26 vent patients. We offer 24 hour respiratory care with a specialized staff trained to maintain and wean patients with unique respiratory needs. Our primary goal for ventilator rehabilitation is to wean an individual from mechanical ventilation and to resume or regain an optimal level of independent function. One of our specialties includes the acceptance of patients who have FIO2 settings. We can accommodate patients that require greater than 40% O2 on a case by case basis. Our facility also offers whirlpool baths for trach and vent patients. Our staff conducts weekly care plan meetings for appropriate coordination of care and discharge planning.

Physical, Occupational & Speech Therapy

  • Orthopedics Post-Op
  • Pain Management
  • Post Surgical Amputations
  • Stroke Rehabilitations
Our physical therapy department provides post-hospital recovery specifically designed to assist patients either to regain or improve their physical abilities. Oak Lawn's dedicated and professional staff will evaluate each patient and design a therapeutic plan to meet their needs. Our goal is to optimize our patient's level of independence.
  • Wound Care
  • ADL Retraining
  • Adaptive Equipment
  • Postural Control
Our Occupational therapy department works with patients who may be experiencing physical or social problems. Our OTís goal is to help patients have independent, productive and satisfying lives. When patients cannot participate effectively in their activities of daily living, our occupational therapists have the ideal skills to improve our residents functional capacity.

Short-term Rehabilitation

Our Short-Term Rehabilitation program provides individualized quality care with compassion and a unique understanding of the need for a strong nurturing and friendly therapeutic approach. We are committed to restoring the lost independence of our patients. It is the goal of our dynamic staff to help patients achieve their highest possible level of function "before returning home." Our staff provides quality care while enhancing a positive rehabilitative experience.