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Valerie Perkovic

Even though Valerie holds an undergraduate degree in fine arts for interior design, it seems that fate had a different design in mind for her career.

“I was out of college and my parents’ neighbor called saying there was a job opportunity in activities at a nursing home not far from our house. The next thing I knew, I was hired thinking that I could easily use my art background there.”

At that first job, she discovered how much she enjoys working with people and helping others. She then rose through the ranks advancing into patient relations, then as an assistant administrator while that individual was on maternity leave, and then finally to administrator after getting her license. She has now been in that position for almost a decade and thoroughly enjoys its.

Her vision for Oak Lawn Respiratory & Rehabilitation centers on being recognized for delivering exceptional care by becoming a five-star building as ranked by the Centers for Medicaid & Medicare. She believes that its exceptional respiratory staff and therapy staff combine to make her facility unique in the area.

“I want to empower my staff and watch them grow as professionals,” Valerie said. “Oak Lawn Respiratory & Rehabilitation is destined to become that place where people want to come to work every day and look forward to how they can help change lives for the better.”